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Latest News

MAY WE REMIND ALL CUSTOMERS TO ENSURE THAT THEIR ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE IS UPDATED AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. Ideally this should be done every few days, or more when threat is HIGH (we will issue a bulletin to all our customers when we are made aware of specific virus threats). Recent months have seen several outbreaks of very disruptive and highly contagious viruses. We do offer an early warning system to our customers. To get your name added to this free service  please click here and press send. We ONLY email you when we have reason to believe that an unusually high threat is present (usually only two or three times a year).

Are you an engineer looking for work? We are looking for people with an excellent all-round computer background to join our team. You MUST be self-motivated, and work to the highest standards. You should have a good understanding of all Windows versions, and general hardware. You must have an understanding of networking, Internet, and general email software. If you are interested, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You must have your own transport, and be prepared to travel within the London/Surrey areas.

March 2011: Latest PC virus infection

We are seeing a rush of PCs infected with the same, or similar, virus. The virus pretends to be an Anti-Virus product and offers 'Tool's to fix your PC.

Generally we seem to be able to remove it quite quickly using our in-house facilities but we have seen one PC that has been damaged by the virus (or the customer's attempts to remove it).

Here are some guidance notes to help you:

  1. Ensure that you have a GOOD anti-virus application installed on your PC. Cheap or free anti-virus applications are generally unsuccessful and we have seen this virus infection on PCs protected by AVG Free, AVG paid for, MacAfee and Avira). We can advise you on the best anti-vorus application.
  2. Ensure your anti-virus product is up-to-date. The virus definitions should be less than one day old.

  3. Windows has security weaknesses that need to be corrected by applying all Windows updates. Make sure your PC is up to date with all Windows updates.

  4. Businesses should consider filtered email and web access.

  5. As soon as you see something suspicious on your PC CALL US immediately! If we get to your PC soon enough we are far more likely to remove the infection very quickly.

For further advice on virus protection and how we can help you call us on 01883 336633.


January 2010


We are now working with a business coach. We will be taking on engineering staff and admin support. We will be able to offer more facilities, and provide better response and coverage. We will also, soon, be offering extended hardware warranties, and also a retainer option to reduce on-going support costs.

April 2008


February and March have been two of our busiest months ever. We have interviewed for prospective staff, but are still looking for somebody who has the special something. Do you know somebody who enjoys a technical challenge and can work through problems logically and quickly? They may be just the person we need....!

Four new servers have been built already this year. Three are standard Small Business Servers - this has become a bit of a niche market for us, our speciality seems to be looking after small businesses - but one is a specialist database server. If your business uses IT then have a chat with us - we can  make sure that you are making the most of your systems, and also discuss how to protect your IT - and therefore your business.

April 2010

DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU MUST NOW HAVE CERTAIN DETAILS ON YOUR EMAIL AND WEB SITE? From January 1st 2007 it is understood that all company websites must contain registration details, and also emails must contain certain details. This may have an impact on all customers who have websites or use email for business (everyone!). However, these changes can generally be implemented very cheaply. Please contact us for more information.

June 2008


As always we've been quite busy. We managed to shift out lots of kit before our customer's year-end. We're currently looking to tie up all our ongoing supplies and work before our year end (end of June). We've had an extraordinary number of laptops being sold in recent weeks. prices are very competitive.

We also exhibited at the Meet Coulsdon Business show at the start of June. Local business showcased their services to about 400 visitors - also local businesses. A laptop that we supplied was awarded as a door prize and won by Finishers Fleet based in Caterham.

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