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remote access

Click HERE to download the software utility.

Note: This software does not install itself on your system. It is a run-once program, that leaves no installation on your system. You may, if you wish, SAVE a copy of this program for use again at a later date (saves having to visit this web page again).

Remote Support

Remote Support

So often customers are stumped by simple problems. Wherever possible we try to talk customers through these issues - our regular customers know that this is one of the area in which we offer a service that is second to none.

But sometimes we find that we cannot progress support simply because we cannot see the screen, or the user is not confident to follow our instructions.

In the past this would mean an on-site visit - sometimes we may complete the job in just a few minutes. This is more costly for the customer and more time-consuming for us.

We have subscribed to a Remote Access system of the type used by large companies to support their thousands+ client base.

The end user needs to have access to the Internet either via a browser - Internet Explorer for example - or via email. We can then ask them to either click on a web link, or to run an email attachment that we can send. In just a few seconds we will then be able to connect to their computer and take control - with the customer watching. The customer can end the session at any time.

There is a nominal connection charge of £15+VAT for this service. Usually there will be no additional cost - but where the support involves a length session we may need to charge.

Unlike the other solutions we use for most of our larger customers this system has the following benefits:

* Does not require any pre-installed software on the PC or Laptop.
* Does not have a purchase cost associated with it
* Needs no complex configuration
* Works behind firewalls and router with no addition configuration
* Instant response - no time wasted in travel
* Completely secure - each session works just once and customers has complete control

* Far cheaper that on-call costs

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